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10 Most Romantic Places in UK to Spend Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and this is the time when love is in the air, with people looking for super romantic places to spend time with their special ones. Talking about UK, there are plenty of romantic options for having a memorable time on this grand day of love.

Here are the 10 most romantic places in UK to spend Valentine’s Day:

1. London


The amazing city of London undoubtedly sits proudly on the top of the list because it literally breathes romance. The city has options galore for a couple looking for a romantic evening, from a walk by the River Thames to hiring a capsule on the London Eye and dining out at one of the fancy restaurants in the city. They can also hang out at one of the beautiful gardens of the city and have a quiet and private picnic by the day.

2. West Coast of Scotland

Couples, who would like to spend this Valentine’s Day on a beautiful beach side destination in the UK, cannot find a better place than the West Coast of Scotland. Here, they can have a great time at the Sandwood Bay, a beach which is remote and gorgeous, with clear blue waves lapping the pinkish white shores. It also offers romantic drives across charming countryside.

3. Lake District

Next amongst the best destinations for romancing couples in the UK is Lake District, an epitome of tranquil and breathtaking beauty. Such is its attraction that this place has inspired poets and writers for centuries now. One of the favorite destinations in Lake District is Winster Valley, which combines panoramic views with great food and drinks.

4. The Welsh Borders

The Welsh Borders make an ideal destination for couples who are foodies to the core as this place is home to some of the best restaurants in the UK. To add to that, they have a lot of other options to have a great time on Valentine’s Day here, by taking a trip to the famous Powis Castle or just walking hand in hand at the beautiful Hampton Court Gardens in the south of Ludlow.

5. Oban, South West Scotland

Another place in the UK which is regarded as one of the best places for romantic time out this Valentine’s Day is Oban in South West Scotland. This is a great place, which blends appealing natural beauty with unusual peace and calm, making it a perfect retreat for those looking for some special, private moments. Food is great too!

6. Sussex

If you are looking for a romantic place near London, then the rolling countryside of Sussex would make a perfect Valentine’s Day destination for you and yours beloved. You can spend time at one of the secluded cottages located in the quiet countryside and also relish some local food and amazing sightseeing.

7. Suffolk

Suffolk is the place to visit for people interested in history and heritage because this one has a glorious past, offering a timeless journey this Valentine’s Day. It takes you away from the city humdrum and gives you an opportunity to have a romantic break with your loved one on this special occasion.

8. Cornwall

When talking about the best romantic places in the UK, Cornwall, with its charming beaches and picturesque coastline, deserves a special mention. The beautiful countryside located in the south is revered for its natural beauty and tempting local cuisine, made with fresh seafood and authentic local ingredients.

9. Devon

Next amongst the 10 most romantic places in UK to spend Valentine’s Day is the seaside of Devon, where a couple can have a great time out at the quaint and small fishing villages. Great food and drink is what comes as the bonus of visiting this destination.

10. Cotswolds

Last, but not the least on this list is the country’s lovers’ paradise, Cotswolds, which has picture perfect scenery and lovely little villages, making it a perfect romantic retreat for lovers this Valentine’s Day. Not to mention the mouth watering local delicacies served with love!

Get ready for the Valentine’s Day of your life by visiting one of these destinations!

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