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Top 10 Best Waterparks in UK To Enjoy Your Weekend

6. Waterpark Alton Towers

Another great option for water park lovers in UK is Alton Towers Waterpark, which has a unique attraction value as a part of it is located outdoor and the rest indoor. The best part of this theme park is the water roller coaster called the Master Blaster.

7. Blue Lagoon, Pembrokeshire

Blue Lagoon in Pembrokeshire is a much loved waterpark in UK and the best thing about this indoor destination is that it remains open all year round. The steep drops of the twisting Cannon and the Torpedo promise an exciting and unforgettable experience for the visitors.

8. Sandcastle Water Park, Blackpool

Featuring next on the list of top 10 best water parks in UK is Sandcastle Water Park, which happens to be the biggest indoor park in the country. The most popular rides at the park include Sidewinder, Montazooma and the Aztec Falls. The park also offers some outdoor attractions for adults as well as children.

9. Barrier Reef Leisure Pool, Stourbridge

Another renowned water theme park in the country is Barrier Reef Leisure Pool in Stourbridge, which not only abounds in exciting rides, but has a number of cool options such as waterfalls, rapids and some amazing water sprays. This makes it a hot favorite for fun enthusiasts.

10. Amazonia Adventure at The Dome, Doncaster

Amazonia Adventure at The Dome, Doncaster is another fun filled destination for water park lovers in UK, a perfect destination for those looking for true excitement. The rides are suited to draw youngsters, though the less adventurous ones have something for them too, in the form of fountains and geysers.

All these water parks attract a large number of people and make a great place to spend their leisure time.

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