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How to Benchmark Social Media Vs SEO Success

With the increasing concern of SEO among company owners, all have their own views and thoughts, but the amazing thing is that many of the search marketing companies believed and saying that social media is the new name of SEO or becoming a new SEO. Well whatever be the fact today we can say that both of these aspects of internet marketing are coming together rapidly and the lines between them are more blurred than ever.

After the Google Penguin latest update, it becomes even more important for business website owners, webmasters and professional SEO Services companies to focus on social media. However several people are aware about other tools like Google Webmaster Tools to see their website performance and to oversee general SEO, some are still unaware of how they can track success from social media. Luckily, it is very easy to gauging the success of a social media campaign. Probably you are familiar with some tools and you should include them such as Google Analytics and some don’t actually require any tools at all!!

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Google Analytics

Probably the one thing you do on a regular basis is analyzing where your traffic is coming from? You can simply view the traffic coming from your social media page by reviewing your keyword impressions and click through rates. Thanks to the quality user generated content and trusted links, if your social media activities have positive impact on your overall online marketing campaign.

Might be you find that your presence on social media driving dozens of leads to your site on daily basis. So this shows that your marketing campaign is working, isn’t it? Well not at all, what you really need to look is how much time people are spending on your site and whether your site is converting them into leads. As a part of the SEO world, you’ve read about the targeting irrelevant keywords can get you highly ranked in SEO, but achieve less in click- through and conversions and same is the social media.

Well here content is devil you post. All you want people to click the link you posted and shared and visit your site, but the fact is that it is good to engage less relevant visitors instead of more irrelevant ones, who simply visit your page once and never comes back. Write your content in a way that attracts your targeted audience rather than the largest number of people.

Analyze the Numbers

According to some analysts, things like follower numbers and number of social shares you have is irrelevant as this is what we can’t control. But the fact is that the ultimate responsibility for increasing friends, followers, likes and shares comes down to you. Immediately review your social account after launching promotions is one of the positive approaches to take. In addition one of the best benchmark is to set a specific number of followers for each hour you give on social media.

Be Realistic with Time

Have a plan, be realistic and the more time you spend on social media, the more followers you accumulate on a regular basis and will increase your name as well as spread reputation. In reality what matters the most is that as long as you are realistic and prepared for social success to come over a period of months rather than days and weeks.

Report your Social Track

Well it is up to you how often you analyze the numbers of followers, shares and conversions. However it is good to go with the bigger picture and look at the reports once in a month.

At last benchmark your social media marketing activities with SEO as it is easy to do and can form a part of overall marketing campaign. Adapt your strategy but remember to not treat them as separate entities.

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